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THANK YOU TEACHERS! Students and Teachers, nominate your favorite Instructor now for a chance for the instructor to win a $100 gift card!  Click to enterhttps://zfrmz.com/P8GBe9gGRklnuLDImyVr. The contest will close Friday, May 14th at noon Eastern Time.


Did you know strong EmployABILITY Soft Skills can make a difference in you getting and keeping a job?  What if we said that growing your soft skills could change your friendships as well as your relationships with your parents and teachers.... all for the better?  What you learn here, can change your life forever! That sounds pretty dramatic, but WOW, it is true. Soft Skills include how you get along with others, how you work as a team, how you handle conflict and more.  The great news is that these skills can be learned! Let's get started! Login at the top right of this page.


EmployABILITY Soft Skills Updates:

If you have any questions about the updates, please contact us at 803-719-5073 or support@mblhelp.freshdesk.com


  • The 2020 Summer Updates module has been added to your Instructor Guide course.
  • Please add no-reply@inquisiqlms.com to your safe senders list to recieve Updates and Notifications via email.
  • The Updated Batch Upload Template for student rostering can now be found in the Instructors Guide lesson as part of the Instructor Guides and Tutorials course under Learning Activities.
  • High School, Middle School and Post Secondary School teachers, please check out the new look for your High School, Middle School and Post Secondary School Instructors Guides.  All of your course materials and resources are now included as a module in the same convenient place!
  • The CHAT FEATURE provides immediate assistance.  The chat feature is available in your Instructor's Guide.  This is a great tool, if you need a quick reset or want help while students are in the classroom with you!


Microburst Learning Team


Employers require their workforce to demonstrate EmployABILITY Soft Skills.  Based on over 30 years of soft skills training experience in the global private business sector, our turn-key certification system cultivates students' soft skills and is directly reengineered from the business world to the world of education.

Please feel free to contact us for more information at 1.803.719.5073

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